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Our wide range of Office Water Coolers and Dispensers provide unlimited clean and refreshing filtered water on tap with a guaranteed fixed cost from only $10 per week.


State-of-the-art filtration system

Our hi-tech carbon filters remove potentially harmful contaminants such as lead, chlorine, pesticides & parasites making your water pure, fresh and safe to drink.

An office water cooler provides unlimited refreshing, safe and clean filtered water on tap with a guaranteed fixed cost from only $10 per week

Why Office Water Cooler?


Office Water Cooler is a trusted provider of office water coolers. We supply and service water coolers for commercial businesses in Sydney & Brisbane.

Our filtered office water coolers and dispensers offer unlimited boiling, chilled and room-temperature water on demand – with no ordering, no deliveries and no heavy bottles to lift or store.

Our local friendly technicians will schedule a six-monthly service to ensure you always have pure & healthy drinking water in your office or commercial premises.

There’s no need to purchase plastic bottles which end up in landfill. Our water filtration system also eliminates the need for delivery trucks, decreasing carbon emissions.

Using Office Water Cooler means your water is filtered and free from nasty chemicals – you’ll taste the difference!

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