Most people distrust their tap water and opt for an alternative source of fresh, clean water, which is usually a water filter system. It is also a legal requirement to offer a supply of clean drinking water to employees in all businesses in Australia, so business owners mostly all have to consider getting a water filter of some sort. A benchtop water cooler is the perfect solution for small office space and even in your home as it is easy to install and does not take much space. However, getting a bottleless benchtop cooler is the ultimate way to go, as it saves you money on refills and is environmentally friendly.

What Exactly Is A Bottleless Benchtop Water Cooler?

Benchtop water coolers are also known as “small point of use” water coolers. The small compact water cooler gets connected directly to your main water supply. A high tech carbon filter within the cooler filters your tap water to remove chlorine, lead, fluoride, and other contaminants. Because this type of water cooler is connected directly to your water supply, it provides a constant supply of clean, filtered, fresh water and does not require timely installation. These cooling systems have hot and cold options.

Why Opt For A Bottleless Cooler Above The Conventional Bottled Cooler?

Although bottled water coolers work just as well as bottleless coolers, they have a few shortcomings that might cause difficulties instead of resolving concerns in the home and at work.

 Make The Right Choice For Your Home And Business

Benchtop water filter coolers are a perfect all-around choice for anyone who wants to save money, space, time and the environment.

Contact ‘Water Coolers Sunshine Coast’ at 1300 552 224 if you are in the market for an eco-friendly benchtop water cooler. We offer a scheduled six-monthly service on our products.


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