Plumbed in water coolers are highly practical and great for both industrial type spaces and offices. They provide fresh, clean, and chilled water ready and available at all times.

Having a plumbed in water cooler provides many benefits, including:

Everyone understands that water is essential to good health. Here are some of the most important impacts water has on your, and your employees, health.

Water helps with good brain function, memory and overall well-being as well as:

Water is to be treasured

Although water covers about 71% of the earth, about 96.5% of that is ocean water. Only about 2.5% is fresh water that is drinkable. Be sure to give thought each time you do drink water and use it wisely. Take part in water saving activities and be grateful for it, as it assists your body with so much, helping you reach a better well-being overall state.

Contact us at Water Coolers Sunshine Coast if you are ready to purchase your plumbed in water cooler. We offer a scheduled six-monthly service on our products. It would be great to hear from you.


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